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Band Adhesives/Cements

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  • Alpha-Dent® Light Cure Bands Cement (Blue & Light-curing)

    Alpha-Dent® Light Cure Bands Cement (Blue & Light-curing)

    - Glass ionomer ribbon cement without mixing - Permanent fluoride release - Blue color for easy removal   Set of 6:  Contents: 6 x syringes (5 g)   Individually:  1 syringe (5 g)

    €15,90 - €74,90

  • Glass ionomer luting cement

    Glass ionomer luting cement

    Indications : cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, orthodontic brackets and bands. Advantages : - high adhesion to dentin, enamel and alloys - Absorption and release of fluoride ions - low layer thickness - good translucency - excellent biocompatibility pack : 20g powder + 13g liquid


  • Prime Dent™ Glasionomer-Befestigungszement

    Prime Dent™ Glasionomer-Befestigungszement

    Eine fortschrittliche Formulierung, die als endgültiger Mehrzweckzement für die Zementierung von Kronen, Brücken, Inlays und Onlays sowie für bestimmte kieferorthopädische Anwendungen entwickelt wurde. Der Zement verbindet sich chemisch mit Schmelz, Dentin und Metallstrukturen. Er ist ideal für die Verwendung als Unterlage unter Komposit-, Amalgam- oder Porzellanrestaurationen, wenn eine dünne Unterlage erforderlich ist.Der Zement ist röntgenopak und hat kariostatische Eigenschaften durch die natürliche Freisetzung von Fluorid. Made in USA Set: Pulver 18 g, Flüssiglösung 17,5 g, Messlöffel, Anmischblock


  • 3M™ Transbond™ Plus Light Cure Tape Adhesive Set

    3M™ Transbond™ Plus Light Cure Tape Adhesive Set

    3M™ Transbond™ Plus Light Cure Tape Adhesive is a one-paste adhesive system that requires no mixing. It cures within 20 seconds, reducing the risk of moisture penetration. We simplify the insertion of the bands with this one-paste adhesive system. Transbond Plus Light Cure Tape Adhesive can maximize your productivity by minimizing chairside time. In addition, there is less excess adhesive and the band sits firmly on the tooth. The product offers you even more advantages. One of the main advantages of the one-paste system is the elimination of the mixing process and the associated reduction in workload. The adhesive quality is consistent, the treatment process is more efficient and the time at the patient chair is reduced. The glue set consists of five practical syringes and 50 attachable, angled attachments. Unlike other systems, the angled tips of Transbond Plus Tape Adhesive allow the adhesive to be applied directly to the tape. This means there is less excess and the risk of contamination is lower. Another useful feature is the characteristic blue color of the Transbond Plus tape adhesive. This means that the adhesive can be easily identified when the tape is attached and excess adhesive can be easily removed. Adhesive residues on the teeth are also clearly visible during debonding. This makes life easier for your staff and patients. When using a powerful curing light such as the Ortholux™ Luminous curing light, the curing time is no more than 3 seconds per cusp and 12 seconds in total. One-paste adhesive system, without mixing Short setting time of 20 seconds to reduce the risk of moisture contamination. More consistent adhesive performance More efficient treatment process Less time at the patient chair Pack : 5 x syringe (4g), 50 tips


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