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Dental Mirrors & Handles

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  • Mouth mirror (Titanium)

    Mouth mirror (Titanium)

    ACTEON® technology: The optimal solution for a perfectly performed visual examination! In order to meet the modern standards in dentistry, the ACTEON® mirrors offer a detailed image of the operating area with a reflection rate of almost 100%. How to make a reliable visual diagnosis. Size 3: Ø20mm Size 4 : Ø22mm Size 5 : Ø24mm Made in France Contents: 12 mirrors per pack


  • Dental mirror handle

    Dental mirror handle

    Stainless steel, sterilizable Length: 12.5cm


  • Mouth mirror (rhodium)

    Mouth mirror (rhodium)

    Our mouth mirrors are available in three versatile sizes : Size 3 : Ø20mm Size 4 : Ø22mm Size 5 : Ø24mm Pack : 12 pieces


  • Acteon INOX mirror handles

    Acteon INOX mirror handles

    INOX design: Hand instruments support dentists in their daily work. ACTEON® has designed and manufactured its hand instruments to act like an extension of the dentist's hand, providing tactile feedback. Due to the quality of the metals used, there is a high degree of ergonomics, precision and durability. INOX XL Style : Acteon's hand instruments are manufactured with a patented XL handle that offers dentists the greatest possible comfort: - The large diameter helps to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome - The finger rest allows easy and comfortable handling - The semi-matt finish avoids light reflections and eyestrain - The smooth surface contributes to better hygiene and avoids the accumulation of blood and dirt - The flat end of the handle is used for percussion diagnostics Made in France Pack: 1 piece

    €5,80 - €10,70

  • BLiSS mirror handle silicone

    BLiSS mirror handle silicone

    The ergonomics and efficiency of the metal working part enables controlled and safe use and reduces hand and wrist muscle fatigue. Pack: 1 piece


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