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  • Impression Trays

    Impression Trays

    - For upper and lower jaw - Disposable plastic impression tray, perforated - For precise impressions


  • Bracket Tray Holders

    Bracket Tray Holders

    - The Adhesive layer fixes the brackets - The tray holds a set of brackets


  • Dappen Dishes

    Dappen Dishes

    - For portioning & mixing dental materials - Mixed colors

    €9,49 - €45,99

  • Disposable Mixing Bowls & Mixing Spatulas

    €6,49 - €9,90

  • Speichelsauger (150mm)

    Speichelsauger (150mm)

    - mit abnehmbarem Filter - Länge 150 mm - Für Einsätze bei verschiedenen zahnärztlichen Behandlungen, um beispielsweise Aerosole, Sprayflüssigkeit oder Speichel abzusaugen - Zur Trockenhaltung des Arbeitsfeldes von Speichel und Blut - Packung: Beutel mit 100 Stück


  • Reflective DryTips®

    Reflective DryTips®

    Reflective DryTips® surpass the saliva absorption of cotton rolls or other pads by far. In addition, they do not lose moisture during the treatment. DryTips make working in the back of the mouth easier by keeping the treatment area clean and dry. Reflective DryTips are each available in 2 sizes, small and large . Advantages: DryTips are an effective replacement for moisture control when using rubber dams. They are suitable as highly absorbent saliva absorbers for direct application to the parotid duct and the oral mucosa with a polyethylene film to protect against cuts. They stay in place comfortably and are easily removed with water spray. The flexible saliva absorbers adapt to the movements of the cheeks and offer a comfortable maintenance of the position. Ideal for: impression taking, occlusal adjustment, orthodontics, color coating procedures, composites, cementing, fissure sealing and fluoride applications. Packaging Types: 50 Reflective DryTips per box


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