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  • Mini LED™ Active curing light

    Mini LED™ Active curing light

    The Mini LED™ Active curing light is the most flexible of all curing lights. Thanks to the integrated lightweight battery, it can be charged without a charging station and lies stable and safe on the work surface without rolling away. Product advantages: Performance and speed : The high-performance lamp connects with a power density of 1,492 mW/cm2 (with ø 7.5 mm light guide) and a unique 10-second cycle (flashing light signal after 5 seconds of polymerisation). Mini LED™ Active Efficiency and simplicity: just one click and it's activated. Lightness and freedom of movement : Thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery, which allows you to work freely, the Mini LED™ Active lamp with 103 g very light. Simply plug in the lamp at night for a full day of polymerizing. Mini LED™ Active is easy to use and stays stable and secure on the work surface without rolling away. One of the cheapest: Mini LED™ Active offers full power and simplicity at a very attractive price.


  • Mini LED™ Ortho 2 curing light

    Mini LED™ Ortho 2 curing light

    With the Mini LED™ Ortho 2 curing light, one half of the jaw or brackets can be cured at the touch of a button. The Mini LED™ Ortho 2 curing light was specially developed for orthodontics. In the standard mode, one half of the jaw or some brackets can be polymerized with just one push of a button through 4 polymerization cycles. The powerful battery is sufficient for the treatment of 15 patients without recharging. A programmable warning signal, which reminds the user to change position, ensures a particularly high level of safety. Product advantages: Special exposure times in orthodontics : Polymerization cycles of 4, 8, 12 and 32 seconds: metal or ceramic brackets or an entire half of the jaw can be fully cured with just a single push of a button. Thanks to the delicate tip of the light guide, which can be rotated through 360°, the molar area can also be reached with certainty. You can choose between 4 warning signals: one beep, one flashing of the mini flashing light, beep and mini flashing light or deactivation of the warning signal. Powerful and Safe: With its power density of 3,000 mW/cm² and its wide emission spectrum, the MiniLED Ortho 2 curing light can efficiently and quickly polymerize any material used in orthodontics. For maximum safety and comfort, the lamp produces no UV light and generates very little heat. Long burn time durable for a better working comfort: After a short charging time, the integrated lithium-ion battery guarantees an unrestricted lighting duration of approx. 45 minutes - sufficient for the orthodontic treatment of at least 15 patients. The MiniLED Ortho 2 curing light does not need to be recharged during the day. Thanks to the light intensity control display, the battery status can be checked at any time at the charging station.  


  • Mini LED™ standard curing light

    Mini LED™ standard curing light

    The cordless Mini LED™ Standard curing light performs lightning-fast light-curing within 6 to 12 seconds and polymerizes all composites with a thickness of 2mm. Three different modes (standard, pulse, soft start) offer different application possibilities. Product advantages: Performance & Safety : Power density of 1,250 mW/cm2 with ø 7.5 mm light guide without heat development. The power density can be increased to 2,200 mW/cm2 by using the light guide with a diameter of 5.5 mm. Broad spectrum of wavelengths : The most efficient emission spectrum (420-480 nm) for polymerisation of most composites. Fast polymerization : Polymerization of a composite with a thickness of 2 mm in 6 to 12 seconds. 3 exposure programs that meet all clinical needs to reduce the internal stresses in the composite and achieve optimal aesthetic results.


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