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  • NiTi Compression Spring

    NiTi Compression Spring

    • Even power transmission • High elasticity  


  • NiTi molar distalization spring

    NiTi molar distalization spring

    distalization spring - For molar distalization without headgear. Application Notes: - Distalization of 1.0-1.5 mm per month possible - Delivers approximately 100g of force when using 3 segments - Fits all bow thicknesses - Strength increases with the number of segments used Technical specifications: - Size: .010" x .045" - Pack: 3 bars (7"), total length approx. 53 cm


  • Piggy Back Spring

    Piggy Back Spring

    The piggyback spring is a specially designed compression spring device to move teeth apart during orthodontic treatments.  Areas of application Indications: Gaining space with crowded front teeth Gap opening in the posterior region Rotation of teeth Erecting lingually tilted lower canines (CC) Mesializing the anterior posterior teeth Distalizing posterior teeth The piggyback spring is a compression spring element that can be clamped on Sizes Six different lengths allow space to be gained from the individual tooth area to the canine-canine distance. Different colors are assigned to the individual sizes. With full compression approx. 200 cN force development (progressively decreasing). transparent / F1 - bypassing an anterior bracket  orange / B1 - bypassing a side bracket  red / F2 - bypassing 2 anterior brackets  blue / B2 - bypassing 2 side brackets  green / U3 - bypassing 3 brackets (universal) black / CC - canine-canine distance

    €48,30 - €222,80

  • Nickel-titanium mainsprings with eyelets

    Nickel-titanium mainsprings with eyelets

    - Constant pulling force of the same strength - Tensile force approx. 150 g - Stainless steel eyelet. - Diameter eyelet inside approx. 1.3mm - Diameter of large eyelet inside approx. 3mm Total length spring including eyelets plus approx. 12mm Pack: 10 pieces


  • CS5™ System - Twist Lock (5 Patient Kit)

    CS5™ System - Twist Lock (5 Patient Kit)

    Your class II and III solution The System CS™ produces instant and consistent levels of power, resulting in more consistent, consistent power that works better and lasts longer. This system is one of the most successful Class II and III devices used at the chair worldwide due to its simplicity, effectiveness and competitive price compared to other systems available today. 5 patient set includes: • 10 - CS™ NiTi springs • 20 – Pivots (Twist Lock™) • 20 - Magnetic Hybrid Screws • Allen key • Magnet

    €356,25 - €375,00

  • Sale -19% NiTI Spring (closed)

    NiTI Spring (closed)

    - Even power transmission - highest elasticity - 9 mm long  


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